Mars Curiosity Rover Birdspotting sol 01601 2017-02-06

There is a bird on images taken today the 6th of February sol 1601 by Curiosity. It is in several of the images from both left and Right NAVCAMs and can be seen flying across left to right in others, you will be better to view in full screen. I’ve tried to show the sequence I found it in. I was actually investigating what looks like a structure.
There’s still images and a logical sequence on my blog at:
I have tried to show it as clearly as I can. The rover also has one very tiny shot that I have blown up, the corresponding large image has big black boxes drawn over, The tiny image has white marks that seem to be added.
All images in this video are sourced here: Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
main images:
I have used levels of the black and white images, I have not added anything and RAW images are shown.
Any bird-spotter will find it easy to see.

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